Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Blonde Twins {State College, PA Children's Portrait Photography}

I like twins (Really! I do!). And I like children. And I like blondes. Three for three, my friends! So I liked these cute little girlies... From the tops of their ribbon-clad hair to the tips of their matching boots, I loved their little fall-esque matching outfits, with jean skirts, with cheerfully bright stripped leggings and hilariously cute owl themed shirts.

I couldn't really tell these two apart... and usually I'm like the twin-genius (not really!). We shall see!



Running down a park path...

Picking up pebbles...

Getting distracted by the wildlife.. aka. a little dog.

With cute little sweaters on...

I (heart) their funny hats!!

Here's a little Mommy joy&love.. their daddy is off serving our country in Iraq. So we're sending some happiness his way with the smiling faces of his precious little girls. :)


  1. they're so cute! have you got pics of any other twins?

  2. Here's another children's session... with twins. :)