Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hillary {New York, NY Senior Portrait Photography}

It was a youth group joke that lasted for years. We were on a youth retreat, roasting marshmallows over a fire and making conversation with the guest speaker. We said, "So where are you from?" He said, "Hartford, Connecticut." And in the most excited voice EVER, Hillary answers, "I LOVE New York!!" There was silence... And bursts of laughter!

Eventually, she explained the train of thought that led to her enthusiastic outburst. And we STILL say "I LOVE New York!" to this day. :)

The truth is.. I love New York, too. And when Hillary mentioned that she would looooove to do her senior portrait session in Central Park, I thought it was a fabulous idea! And so here it is: A senior portrait session with some NYC style!!

We stumbled upon pretty places that I didn't even know existed.. how could I know? I'm not a New Yorker. But seriously.. an arbor? And beautiful summery light.

My personal favorite place... Bethesda Terrace & Bethesda Fountain. (I like those walls behind her).

And where else would we see a funny & charismatic saxophone player? :)

By the water.. the wind was blowing so hard that day!! But it actually gave a real kind of vibe to these portraits. Wind-blown hair + smiles = it IS Hillary. :D

I can't believe I caught this walkway with no people on it! It's pretty. :)

I DO try to keep these blog entries short... I just can't help lovin' so many shots... :) :) :)

She was look at this view. Stunning.

Last series.

"I love New York!" ;) Hillary, I couldn't have said it better myself! :)

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