Saturday, November 20, 2010

Janet & Justin - Sibling Version {Penn State Senior Portrait Photography}

There's no greater bond than family. Lately, on the blog, I've been celebrating my own family. But today, I'm celebrating other families! I have such dear friendships with my brothers and sister, that I LOVE to see brothers & sisters spending time together, laughing at each other's jokes, being affectionate and just generally liking hangout-time. This makes me happy.

Meet Janet and Justin. You may remember Janet from her other senior shoot. But now, we're doing a Sibling senior shoot. Janet is graduting from high school, and her brother, Justin, is graduating from college.

Can you tell what college? I'll give you a wee little hint...
WE ARE.... (PENN STATE!)... :)

What college students (really) do while "studying."

Silhouette shots. You know I love silhouettes. :)

It was such a glorious autumn day!

Squirrels. Around Penn State campus, the squirrels are fearless little monsters. They'll come up and steal a sandwich right out of your hand! Lucky for them, they're kinda cute. ;)



This makes me laugh!

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