Thursday, November 18, 2010

{Portraits} Donald & Doris

As I told you all, there were many family members in town recently for my brother's wedding. :) Funny story about that actually.. the day before the wedding, we're in the middle of wedding rehearsal. I'm busy standing in front of the stage, being a dutiful bridesmaid, trying not to fall over from exhaustion, holding the hand of a little flower girl, making joking comments to anyone and everyone who would listen and/or laugh (it's just what I do. lol)... all of the sudden, I turn around and there stand my grandparents and my Auntie Dawn!! We knew that my grandparents would be coming, but they decided to surprise us by bringing along my mom's sister, Dawn. The majority of my relatives hail from Wisconsin, so it's no small trip. You can imagine our delight to see them all!!

Several days later, we did a portrait session!
Meet Donald & Doris (it's so weird for me to even type that!)...
To me, they are "Grandpa" & "Grandma."

I like the door. :)

Since my Auntie Dawn was there, too... we got some "sister" pics.

Awwww, it's like they love each other or something!

Parents + Daughters.

And everybody laughs at me. :) Hahaha. At least they're happy!

What a blessing to spend time with family!! :)

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