Monday, November 15, 2010

Zach & Chelsea {State College, PA Family Portrait Photography}

In the midst of the wedding craziness of my younger brother getting married, it was sooooo fun to have many other family members in the mix! Including my OTHER brother, his lovely wife and their ADORABLE children. We decided to squeeze in a family portrait session while they were in the area (they live in another state). And I do mean "squeeze". Haha! We did this photo session at about 9:30 a.m. right before decorating the reception hall. It was a freeeezing cold fall morning!! My fingers were numb after about 5 minutes! Which is why the whole session lasted 15 minutes....
and then my fingers fell off.
The end.

Uhhh, just kidding. lol Enough with the jokes!! May I introduce.. my good-looking relatives. ;)
Zach & Chelsea,
with adorable little ones.. Serenity & Noah! :)

Brother and little sissy were distracted by each other! ;)

Looking at the little man: Noah.

His pretty mama. :)

Mama + son bonding time... Noah saw a airplane!

Daddy + daughter bonding time. Don't ya love that classy hat? and the flower headband?!

Laughter, silliness & smiles!

Love you guys!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving! :)

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