Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zephaniah & Kelsey {State College, PA Wedding Photography}

He's woven our paths into one way,
You and I in awe, as we stand today.
The handiwork of God, the intricate tapestry,
Of lives once apart, now bound for eternity.

I'm giving you my life
Freely give all my love
I will be yours
You will be mine
We will be Christ's

On October 23rd, 2010, Zephaniah & Kelsey were united in holy matrimony. You might remember these two from the blog, their proposal story and their engagement portraits. Zeph is my younger brother and Kelsey, his bride, is a dear friend of the family.

And on that beautiful October day, I was playing many roles. Sister, sister-in-law, bridesmaid, wedding songwriter and wedding singer.. oh yeah, and wedding photographer. :) It was a privilege & an honor to serve this new married couple in every way that I could. But wow, I was tired after that day was over. ;)

Without further ado,
the wedding day of Zeph & Kelsey.

The bride wore her aunt's wedding dress. Awwww.

... and purple shoes! :)

Bridesmaids and little girls spend time getting pretty..

Wedding dress time!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the church...
the groom is taking his suit very seriously.

Portrait time with the groom + groomsmen!

The groom. Maybe I'm biased (he is my brother, after all!).. but his eyes are such a gorgeous shade of chocolate-brown!

The bridal party.
And yes, that's me. Since I could not be a bridesmaid + wedding photographer for the whole day (I had to actually be *in* some of the photos!), my friend & fellow photographer, Dawn, graciously helped me shoot the wedding!
These next three images are hers. :)

Bridal portraits. One of my absolute *favorite* times of the wedding day!!

I just love her bouquet... Beautiful. (and my sis did it! Guess who's doing flowers when I get married?! lol)

These next two images gave me butterflies in my stomach. Her eyes!!! Gorgeous!

The bride and her brother have a moment. :)

Through trial and valley, through joy on the mountain
This moment we're vowing, so sacred and solemn
United we are, before Christ and man
May the love that He gave us, enable us to stand

(Ceremony shots by Dawn Haines)

The new couple. Savoring the moment.

The happy, happy, happiest newlyweds!!

Two perspectives of the same moment (left by Dawn, right by me) :)

This one by Dawn!

I'm pretty sure they think I'm funny. ;)

I'm a firm believer in capturing the uniqueness of a couple. These next two images capture something a little "special" about these two. Zeph is an avid hunter/fisher/sportsman, as well as a supporter of Americans' right to bear arms. It's one of his great passions. And Zeph was sooooo excited to be getting married after his 21st birthday. Because that meant... he could legally carry a concealed handgun. :)

This one by Dawn.

My perspective. :)

At the reception, family and friends gathered around to enjoy food and time together. My favorite moments included the speeches, by the best man, the maid of honor and a bridesmaid. All old friends to the newlyweds, and that always makes for great storytelling!!

One speech included a story about Kelsey's youth-group confession to a friend that "Zeph is hot!"

Their first dance.

Love, take my hand
As we step through the door
Lifting these plans
To the Master of all

I've given you my life
Freely gave all my love
Now I am yours
and you are mine
We are Christ's

Lyrics to "We Are Christ's (Zeph & Kelsey's Wedding Song)" written by Naomi Elle. (c) 2010

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  1. Hey, I found you on OSP and thought I'd found out how being a bridesmaid and a photographer worked out for you! You did SUCH a great job! These photos are so beautiful, you had such great light and all of these capture the love and emotion of the day. Credit to you to pulling it off as well as being in the wedding!