Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{Travel} A Week in Mexican Paradise

A week at an all-inclusive luxury resort in Mexico? on the Pacific Ocean? Me? Are you kidding?!? When my dad first mentioned the possibility of me going on this vacation, I was floored. I think I asked him about 10 times if he was really sure that he wanted to give me his spot. You see, my parents own their own business and one of their vendors sponsors a reward-vacation for their "Achievers." My dad is not really a tropical-vacation-laying-on-a-beach person.... and he also happens to be the most generous person I know. Because of that, I was going to Mexico!!! :)

Mexico: Land of enchiladas, fresh-made salsa, dessert, cactuses and ocean-side fun.. The last time I had been in Mexico was a missions trip in 2006. This would be a shocking contrast. But I glory in new experiences... Please come with me as I relive the Mexican memories...

The ocean breeze catching curtains in my balcony's doors.

My beautiful, calming, restful hotel room... that was cleaned 3 times a day!! I kid you not. I really need a maid like that at home! ;)

From our balcony! I thought it seemed liked the best view in the whole resort! (and all those tables set up below? That was our outdoor welcome dinner on the first night.... niiiiiiice). :)

And more beautiful as the sunlight fades.

Fascinating resort spots.

Open-air lobby.

Most adorable itty-bitty palm trees.

Sunset cruise.

This little sign was nearly the only thing that reminded me of a missions trip.

Me, with windblown hair.

Standing on a lonely boat deck, on sparkly aquamarine-colored waters, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.

Doing silly things like waving at fellow tourists as we passed a cruise ship. I waved and smiled, and then counted how many people waved back! It's the little things that make me happy... :)

My travel companion: Mom!! She's the best because we have similar travel rhythms, she's okay with silence, she brings books to read + I bring books to read and then we trade, she orders different food than me and lets me taste it, and in general makes me have a good time. :) Love you, Mom!

Spending one afternoon watching a sailboat race!

Warm days + icy pina coladas (non-alcoholic, of course)..

Lifting my face in golden rays of the tropical setting sun.

Chilly morning sunrise walks on the beach. When the light is soft and feathery, then growing to blindlingly vibrant.

Yes, I really love footprints in the sand. It's mah thang!

Putting my toes in warm ocean waves, washing over me, as I dream.. as I read.. as I sing.

Being "mostly" cut-off from the outside world. Though I did check facebook on a 50-something-inch-wide flatscreen TV. It's not as fun as it sounds!!! (hello, major neck pain).

Fascinating visit to a glass-blowing factory.

Always, always, always trying new food. Tour of the restaurants around our resort. My favorite? Japanese. :)

Sushi, anyone?? I like it! And then I liked watching my mom's face as she tried sushi for the first time. Ahahaha. She's not really a fan.

Yet another boat ride... I (heart) oceans.

DESSERT. So many desserts. My favorite part of any meal. We would choose several and share. Because variety is the spice of life! ;)

Christmas in the tropics! On the second day of our stay, Christmasy things started appearing around the resort... like Christmas carols on the background music, Christmas trees, a manger scene and my favorite thing ever... a life-size Santa in the lobby. When someone walked by, it would burst into song and start dancing!! I would stand nearby and laugh at people's reactions! Hahahaha..

Christmas in San Jose del Cabo town square.

Siestas. I love the chillin'-out vibe in the afternoons.

Catching the locals hanging around town.

Shopping-shopping-shopping. This wasn't exactly my favoritest part of the trip (I don't like high-pressure sales or bartering--two very necessary aspects of marketing in Mexico), but I did enjoy the colors and variety available!

Reading and relaxing on beach cabanas...

A collection of memories not captured on camera! Like random 30 minutes at a grand piano in the semi-deserted lobby bar...playing medleys of Christmas carols and worship music and songs-of-my-own-making. Five days of wearing sundresses! :D Watching and laughing hysterically over lame American movies overdubbed in Spanish. Falling asleep to the faint sounds of ocean waves and live salsa-ish music playing on the patio below. Constantly surrounded by words that I do not understand, but strain every moment to listen and comprehend anyway. I love the strange similarities of new languages and my own... Flickering campfires + cozy comfy chairs on a mirrored man-made pond. There's something magical about water and fire... Reading SO MUCH. Sleeping alot. Journaling. Thinking sooo much. It's a beautiful thing to have time to think. :)

And at long last, my week ended with an hour or so of waiting in Los Cabos airport. But my energy was renewed by a long-awaited Starbucks drink!! :)

Farewell, Mexico! I did love you so. :)

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