Friday, January 14, 2011

{Friday LOVE} The Beginning...

Welcome to the First Edition of {Friday LOVE} .

I've been thinking of new and interesting things to blog about in the new year. While I already blog about weddings, portrait sessions, travel and local life... I'd like to share with you lovely readers things that make me smile. Things that really lift my heart.. things that I love. :) And so every Friday until I run out of things to say (will that ever happen?!), I will be spotlighting some interesting thing or place or person or object or activity, that I love!

Today, I love DOORS.

Fascinating doors. Interesting details.
Why don't they make doors like they used to?

And as I looked through pictures of doors in my archives,

I found out....

I like RED doors the best.

And here's the proof! ;)

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