Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{Local Life} Victorian Christmas

The Victorian era is near & dear to my heart... no particular reason, I suppose, except that I seem to like books written in that time period. And the fashions of that day. And the quirks of humanity. So it's no surprise that when my little historical hometown of Bellefonte hosts a Victorian Christmas weekend every year, I must go. :) It's been somewhat of a tradition. The ladies of my family try to go every year. It seems to kick-off the Christmas season (as it falls on the 2nd weekend of December, right when I'm starting to hum Christmas carols non-stop).

This year was by far the BEST Victorian Christmas celebration... I regret that I could only spare a few hours on a Saturday morning to experience it. There was so much more! Historical house tours, carriage rides, Dickens' Christmas Carol performances, a "Gaslight Gala" and dinner theatre. *Sigh* Someday. Someday, I will see it all. :)

And... gingerbread house contests!

Victorian Children's Party!
With stickers & Santa for little people's joy...

Costumed actors roaming about, talking in English accents...
Christmasy musicians roaming, too. LOVE!

Craft & miscelleneous shows.
I confess, I tend towards anything scented, silver or sparkly.

Cashmere.. I (heart) you.

Sharing & caring... the Christmas spirit.

Perfect end of the day. Calm classical piano, Christmas medleys. :)

Victorian Christmas is an absolutely lovely event.. I hope it goes on and on and on..
I hope this blog entry inspired some overdue Christmas spirit in you.. or at least, stirred some happy Christmas memories. :)

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