Friday, January 21, 2011

{Friday LOVE} Matchy-Matchy

It is kinda funny when your personal quirks continually become fodder for family jokes. It is well-known among my friends and family, that I like to match. It's the reason I wear so much black. And the majority of my shoes are black. Because black matches everything. And I like matching!! I like matching clothes, house decorations, even food sometimes...
I like matching almost anything.
I like when other people match well.
I see something that matches well, and I smile.
It is good "for my matchy-matchy heart." (as my sis would say)

Last weekend, my dear little niece Serenity turned 1 year old. And her parents hosted a fabulous party. My sis-in-law, Chelsea, is pretty amazing with this party stuff. She made almost everything herself, include the cake and decorations and the birthday girl's party dress!! Pink-and-black-and-white. It did my matchy-matchy heart well.

So Friday LOVE goes to matching things. Because un-matching things is like low-level stress in my book. ;) Matching things is like cinnamon spice and everything nice. :)

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