Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Engagement} John & Lohanny

Fun, playful, happy.
In love.
Everything necessary in a wintry engagement session.
Meet John & Lohanny.
An adorably happy couple who love each other & love to have fun. We planned an engagement to feature their love + SNOW + a lake. The weather decided to bless us with more snow than we could handle! Almost. While my fingertips froze, John & Lohanny smiled and laughed and kissed and in general looked perfectly satisfied. Content. Happy.

I loved how playful & fun this couple is! They met in 8th grade. American history class. And that sense of almost-childish joy emanates from them!
Dancing in the snow.

Lifting faces to the snowflakes falling.

Sooo gorgeous. I like 'em.

Black & White Series!

Drinking hot cocoa in vibrant orange mugs.

Snowball fight!!!

John & Lohanny,
Congratulations on your engagement!
And thanks for being such *awesome* subjects in the middle of a snowstorm! Can't wait until your wedding!! :)

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  1. Beautiful engagement session!! Love the snow!