Friday, February 18, 2011

{Friday LOVE} Roses

So I missed a week in the {Friday LOVE} series. Not because I lacked subjects. It's just that loving life is kind of distracting. But enough with the non-blogging excuses. We've had some beautiful weather in the last couple days here in central Pennsylvania. It was almost enough to make up for the snow & ice storms of the last few weeks. I'm not a fan of Winter. But I *am* a fan of Roses.

I {LOVE} roses.
Roses are such a beautiful flower.
Most classy flower ever.
Elegant and gorgeous without even trying.

So yeah, maybe I did a little photo shoot with the roses...

Roses even look good surrounded by snow & ice...
or on a porch swing..

And for the record, no matter what you call it....
A rose still smells as sweet. :)

I {LOVE} Roses.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, so gorgeous! I love the one with the icicles dripping down underneath the rose! These are so beautiful!!!