Friday, February 25, 2011

{Friday LOVE} Pocket Camera

I have discovered a few things about photography recently.
Sometimes my amazingly awesome, fantastic Nikon D700 camera... is heavy. Sometimes I want to take a picture without carrying around my psuedo-camera bag and a few lenses. Sometimes I want to focus on experiencing life...
enjoying moments...
revelling in beauty...
capturing memories.

And this was my solution!

The tiny, affordable, yet quality Canon Powershot SD1300!
(I am not paid to advertise for this camera; I just like it!)

Perfect for capturing beauty.

Or funny self-portraits.

Or documenting coffee&cupcake times.

And there can be some artistic ventures... even with a tiny camera.

Today, my {LOVE} is dedicated to a tiny pocket camera. Who is hiding in my purse at this exact moment. Waiting to emerge and capture a memory.

*all these photos are straight-out-of-camera. No editing. A little tip for all the picture-takers who read the blog: how to improve your pictures taken with a small point&shoot pocket camera? Turn off the flash and look for natural light. :) It makes *such* a difference!! :)

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