Friday, March 4, 2011

{Friday LOVE} My Signature Scent

I have a very sensitive nose.
It's true.
My friends all laugh at me.
Or roll their eyes.
When I begin to ramble about my utter dislike (dare I say "hatred?") for strong, unpleasant smells. Like cigarette smoke... which gives me a headache... or the smell of Subway restaurants.. which makes me sick. Really! I'm not making this stuff up!

But then again, I also {LOVE} pleasant smells.
Like the scent of roses or lilacs in spring. Like the scent of air right before a rainstorm. Like freshly baked apple pie or vanilla candles. Like little babies' shampooed fuzzy head of hair. Like a man's subtle cologne. If it smells niiiiiiice, I like it!

I decided recently... that I needed a signature scent. Because I stopped buying Candies perfume like 5 years ago, and have not ventured beyond my vanilla bodyspray since then.

Behold, my $7 Walmart investment.

Don't hate! It's surprisingly pleasant. Scented of subtle femininity. I'm keeping it for my everyday "I feel lovely even though I'm wearing jeans + a hoodie" scent.

Finding a signature scent is a process. A long intense process involving chatting up the perfume saleswoman, spraying a million and one sample papers, commenting with phrases like "teenybopper!" "ewww!" and "old lady perfume!".. carrying around & constantly huffing coffee beans (in between the many scents, so your nose isn't confused), and finally choosing two... spraying on your body... walking away for a bit... then deciding...
Which scent do I love?
Which scent is me?
Which scent is alluring without being overpowering?
Which scent is pleasant (for the record, my name--Naomi---means 'pleasant')?
Which scent would I want to be my signature?

The final verdict.

I loved the description of my perfume.. "A fragrance with a strong personality and a contrasting golden sweetness."

And because this signature scent was a gift from a *very* special person, there was a gift set involved... including this fabulous gold travel-size bottle. SOOO shiny! I (heart) it.

One last look... because it's amaaaaazing. Here's some {LOVE} to Dolce&Gabbana for creating a scent so totally, unmistakably me.

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