Friday, March 11, 2011

{Friday LOVE} The Ocean

The Ocean.
This is what I {LOVE}.
Recently, I was staring at three landscape prints hanging on my living room walls (pretty much the only wall decoration that is in my house. Sad, I know. Considering I have lived there 2 1/2 years? Boooo). Anyway, I noticed that every landscape print.... is a waterscape. And more specifically, an oceanscape!

I {LOVE} the ocean. The raw power of the ocean waves. The incredible immense proportions of water that stretches an incomprehensible distance. The salt spray on my lips. The breezes caressing my face. The varying colors of oceanwater. The amazing feelings of peace as I stand beside the ocean. The immediate desire to worship God - the One who is greater than the ocean, who set the tides in motion, who is far above all that I see with my eyes. Yes, I love oceans.

I love simple, vibrant sunrises.

And early-morning solitary walks.

And watching the sun set as the waves gently rock a boat.

Looking into the distant horizon...

Until next time, ocean... I will dream about you...*

*reminder and inspiration for this blogpost: Jessica Shae!

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  1. Wow, these images are so gorgeous! I love them. Makes me miss the ocean.