Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kevin & Caitlin {Central PA Engagement Photography}

I like when friends pass my name along... Many of you may remember Matthew, a family friend who is a Marine and was stationed in Afghanistan until September 2010. Matthew was deployed with Kevin.

And then Kevin fell in love with a girl named Caitlin.
Kevin grew up as friends with Caitlin's sister. Until one day, he started chatting online with Caitlin. She kept talking, wondering, expecting that someday he would ask about her sister....

He never did. Because he was interested in Caitlin. :P

And the rest is history!

We started out the engagement session at the Nittany Lion shrine. Pennsylvania people love Penn State football. It's like required! And so on a Saturday afternoon, there's a little picture-taking line that forms on the sidewalk by this statue.

The weather was chilly for a March day. But beautifully sunny. So we didn't complain oooone bit. We headed over to a historic village for some beautiful backgrounds. :)

Puns are funny to me. Like this one. "The perfect pair?" :) :)

Happy to have found one another. Happy to be together. Happy to be engaged. And happy to be getting married..
An interesting door? Of course, I can't resist. ;)
White picket fences... and my favorite series of this engagement session!

There were even railroad tracks!!

Congratulations, Kevin & Caitlin!! Can't wait for your wedding day!! :)

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