Monday, September 20, 2010

{Personal} Welcome Home, Marine!

You might remember Matthew.

The Marine.

I've known Matthew for a loooong, long time. Since he was a little kid. He is a close friend to both of my brothers (which kinda makes him my brother, eh?). My sis was his youth leader. My dad was his boss for awhile. He spent so much time with my family over the years that I would forget that he was even there. :) Because Matthew just seemed to *fit in*. He even (no joke) spent one Family-Christmas with us on the mountain, in which we roped him into the handing-out-gifts job. hahahah, yeah, thanks for that, Matth! :D

Eight months ago, Matthew went to serve his country in a combat zone.
And by God's mercy, he came home. Matthew specifically requested to have his Welcome-Home party at my parents' house on the mountaintop.... see, I told ya he was like family!

He's not really one for liking the spotlight.. as you can tell from his face during this short-and-sweet welcome-home speech.

Yesterday was a wonderful time with him... Thanked him for serving our country. Hugged him, laughed with him, chatted with him, ate with him...

There were reminders of his fallen comrade.

It's sobering to understand that death is so near, and war is close to us. America is precious, freedom is worth fighting for.. and every veteran that fights, we love. Every one that dies in the fight, we honor. Every one that comes home, we cherish.

Welcome home.

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