Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Local Life} Grange Fair

Ahhh, yes. Grange Fair.
And what is this Grange Fair, you ask?

Let me enlighten you... Grange Fair is a county fair. Sort of. It's like a county-fair-on-steroids. It's bigger and better and crazier and more unique than *your* county fair, I can guarantee. Grange Fair is a local --- maybe even a statewide-- phenomenon. It's famous for many things, but mostly for its unique tented encampments. These army-green tents are passed down through generations and the waiting list to get a tent is YEARS long.

The fact is: I'm not *really* from around here (born in Texas, y'all)... so I've never stayed in a Grange-Fair tent. Not sure I'd want to, actually... I have limited tolerance for large crowds + loud noises. And I have this strange idea that camping should be done somewhere that funnel cakes are not readily available. lol! But I usually visit the fair for one night. For a couple reasons!

#1 - Support my local 4-H friends!

Abbie is my good friend + also my second-shooter for weddings.. AND she really rocks out at raising sheep. Reserve Grand Champion 2010!

Aren't sheep a little weird-looking?

#2 Other cute animals.
Cows + bunnies + kids in cages (goat kids, that is!). :)

#3 The fair exhibits & contests!

Some exhibits are kinda disturbing... take this one, for example.

And you know me, always checking out the photography contests. Interesting.

#4 Fair FOOD! Delicious & calorific food.. Mmmmmmmmm yummy!

#5. The evening lights & sights!

Finally and most importantly, I like Grange Fair because I like my friends... everything is more fun with a group of people I care about. So whether we're munching on deep-fried food together, and critiquing an amateur singing competition, or petting animals, or watching tractor pulls, or whatever-we-do... it's always fun with friends. :)

Until 2011...
See you at the Grange!

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  1. Fairs are awsome places to take your photography skills. This looked like fun, wish we had country fairs like this where I live.