Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Local Life} Cool Beans Coffee & Tea

I hesitated to write about this place for a long while. Why? Because when it comes to quirky, adorable, local coffee shops.. they're few and far between. And when one particular coffee shop is tucked out-of-sight on the main street of my historical hometown, I'd hate to see it become a (insert name of addictive coffee corporate conglomerate here) clone. ;) No chance of that though.. So I'm gonna share!

Cool Beans Coffee & Tea

Ya know the Cheers theme-song?
"Where everybody knows your name..
And they're always glad you came..."

It's true.
Well, for me, it's half-true. I frequent Cool Beans infrequently... sooo, while the cool Cool Beans staff does *not* know my name... they always are glad that I came. :) I love friendly coffee people.

Cozy spots for conversation...

Supporting other local businesses. Like myself ;)

Signs that make me smile! :)

In case you didn't catch it... "the Knotty Knitters AND BRAD."
I smile every time.

Oh yes, and did I mention that the coffee is good? And the fresh-baked goods are DElicious. I like it all...

Almond Joy is my favorite drink! Mmmmmhmmmm, yummy!
... And while I don't remember what day I consumed this scrumptious beverage, I do remember.. it was quite refreshing. :)

This is my recommendation! Go to Cool Beans. Eat, drink (coffee) and be merry!

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  1. That chocolate drink looks delicious, is this place in State College?

  2. no, it's in Bellefonte.. about 10 or 15 min away. :) and the chocolate drink WAS quite yummy! :D

  3. Thanks for the blog! Posted it on our Facebook page!