Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Wedding} Michael & Leslie

When I first met Michael & Leslie, they described themselves as very "laid-back" and "casual" people. They wanted their wedding day to be a simple gathering at the bride's parents home, while surrounded just with a small group of friends & family. And I agree: this day fit Michael & Leslie perfectly. It was comfortable and casual and I loved it all...

As Leslie the bride prepared for the wedding day.. in her parents' room.. with parents and her brother coming in and out, we chatted about Michael & Leslie's love story. They met online (this is becoming the new-standard-of-meeting-people!). A twist in the story is that, at first, Leslie wasn't too interested, because Michael is a couple years younger than her. But they chatted and he always made her laugh. Leslie thought, "that must mean something!"

Oh, it meant something... It meant everything! :)

They met, they laughed, they loved and exactly one year later, they marry.
"When you know, you know."

First, we must meet the groom... Michael!

It's almost time!

Emotional moments during the ceremony...

Sooooo happy to be married!

And just because I adore little kids. :)

I LOVED that we had time for special Bride & Groom portraits at Penn State's new arboretum!

I love that they're always laughing.. :)

Their "first dance" :)

Congratulations, Michael & Leslie!

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