Sunday, September 26, 2010

{Personal} Home, Sweet, Home

The blog has been kinda quiet in the last couple weeks. Because I am overwhelmingly busy with wedding preparations and my varied responsibilities for friends' and family weddings in the next few weeks. AND because I am building a new photography website! So keep your eyes open for that, coming soon...

In the meantime, I'd like to share some personal joy-and-love.
My family lives on a mountain. At a place affectionately known as "Hidden Haven" (this is partially an inside joke referring to the necessity of giving all visitors very-specific directions + a reference to the complete restfulness of being on a mountain without cell-phone-reception). :) Anyway, I lived on said mountain with my parents until about 2 years ago. At that time, I purchased an adorable little house in a lovely historical town and I love it. :)

But sometimes, I confess.. I miss the mountain.

I miss the beautiful landscapes I witnessed every evening when driving home from work... the changing seasons... the mountains stretching onward as I topped another hill... the open skies. The feeling of open windows + rushing wind + the scent of crisp mountain air filling my nostrils + blinding warm sunshine on my arms. I miss the wildflowers surrounding the roadsides.. and my habit of stopping on nearly every walk to gather some beauty to bring home..

.... meandering down forest paths.. the only sounds are my feet shuffling through crunchy leaves, upon dark green moss, into meadows, down mountainsides and up to the next ridge... stopping to listen for the wildlife..

.... reveling in the saturated colors of changing seasons. Autumn's kiss of death is so gorgeous, don't you think?

.... missing my dear departed
Cooper dog always.. he's been gone for awhile. but still, every time I go home to the mountain, I expect to see him bounding through the forest or waiting expectantly for me on the front porch. Oh, the loyal love of a dog. :)

.. besides all that, I miss helping my mom garden (well, I could do without the working-part, but I like her flowers). :)

And lest you think I only love the mountain for its landscapes, I might also miss the lazy evening soaks in the hot tub under a brilliant star-filled sky.. including deep conversations with my brother or sister. funny family traditions, long laughter-filled suppers at the large kitchen table, short walks "around the trail" that generally become long hikes to another mountain. Memories, sweet times with family who are more like me than anybody else in the world...
Or maybe I'm more like them?

All I know is...
There's no place like home.

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