Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{Business} The NEW Website!!

I'm not a "techie" girl. Besides the required and increasing photo terms/concepts that I learn so I can create pretty pictures, give me electronics and I will probably end up frustrated and crying....True confessions: I do the same thing when I attempt any sewing project. Hahah.

So the thought of me designing a new website was a little crazy. Or alot CRAZY. The truth is.. there was some frustration, and ALOT of sleepless nights (I'm writing very fast so I can try the whole sleeping-before-midnight thing today), but no tears. Yay for small victories!

Without further ado....
The new & improved Naomi Elle website!!
There are some glitches that I will be 'tweaking'.. ("You've Got Mail" quote, anyone??).
Enjoy browsing the mostly-done site. :)
And because every blog entry is better with a photo or two .
This children's session is coming soon.

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