Monday, May 23, 2011

{Portraits} Dave & Savage the Horse

I contemplated calling this blog post "The Horse & His Man," as a tribute to C.S. Lewis and my love for all things Narnia.
But then I didn't think Dave would appreciate owned by a horse.

Anyway, Dave is longtime friend of the family. He lives in a beautiful stone house by a creek in Pennsylvania's Sugar Valley. (My favorite house in the whole state, but more on that later).

Dave has horses. I'm always up for a photographic adventure, so when Dave asked me for a portrait session including Savage the Horse, I jumped at the chance.
Figuratively jumped.
Not literally.
.... enough of my nonsense. Let's get on with this! ;)

Beautiful mountains I had to climb.

Hello there, deer.

Fields and fields of dandelions!

The many faces of Savage. Goofy!

Talking horse.

Nice. :)


Surrounded by mountains.

Love it when the horse marches like this!

Enjoying the mountain views...

One last look.

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