Monday, May 16, 2011

Dave & Tiffany {State College, PA Engagement Photography}

Dave + Tiffany.
They've been "together" for years. Since high school. And it's so obvious; this is the kind of love that lasts. Comfortable. Secure.

Love that gets each other's jokes.

Love that has those secret whispers. Love that still surprises.

Love that knows, the past has been good---the future will be better.

Circumstances kept preventing this particular engagement session. So when we *finally* were able to coordinate schedules and non-snowstorms on a lovely April Saturday morning, I felt like I had been looking forward to it for forever!! Dave & Tiffany are friends of friends & past clients, so we'd had introductions at Brian & Liz's winter wedding. It was so great to finally laugh & joke and spend some time with this funny/happy/pretty/handsome/super-fun couple!!

We wandered through Penn State's new arboretum.. beautiful in the springtime. And around Penn State campus.

Some black-and-white photo goodness... and I am convinced that I will never be able to write short blog posts. ;)

(Confession: I might have chased these cute lil ducklings for a minute). :)

Back to Dave & Tiffany... and my favorite photo series!!!

They're a little silly, too ;)

And really in-love. :)

Penn State's Old Main. Beautiful architecture... and then delightful pillars/shade.

He whispers to her, "You look really pretty today." Awwwwww.

Congratulations, Dave & Tiffany!! You were a delight to photograph, and I'm sure your wedding day will be just the same!! :)

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