Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brian & Liz {Carlisle, PA Wedding Photography}

Love blanketed the wedding day, like the layers of snow upon the ground...
The January air was chilly at worst--frigid at best---but hearts were warmed by the rays of a winter sun and the passionate love of a man & woman... so eagerly waiting this day... to finally be joined in holy matrimony, speaking precious covenant words before their dear friends & family, pledging devotion to one another before God.

It is the final word.

During Brian & Liz's engagement session, I was overwhelmingly amazed by their intense delight in one another... their seeming perfect fit for one another... and their desire to honor God in their imminent marriage. I knew that the wedding day would be something special.
It was special. Very, very special.

The bride makes herself ready...

The groom.

One of my favorite shots of the day. I love fun people!!!

Waiting... groomsmen passing the time.

I loved being witness to the beautiful hearts of these people. Groomsmen gathering to pray and laugh.

And more waiting...

The bride just minutes before she walks down the aisle...

The time has come...

Worshipping together...

Their friends and mentors gathered to pray.

The KISS!!!

Introducing the NEW happy couple!!!

Celebrating with friends & family!

First Dance.

The Toasts.

Congratulations, Brian & Liz!!! May your life together be as stunningly lovely as your wedding day!


  1. Will there be more pictures? And... ordering information?!
    Excellent work. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  2. Thank you!! Yes, there will be more pictures within the next 2-3 weeks. The bride & groom will have a link to the full gallery then, and you can order all that you desire. :)) So glad you enjoyed the photos thus far!! :)