Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John & Lohanny {Philadelphia, PA Wedding Photography}

We didn't know what to expect when we arrived to photograph John & Lohanny's wedding in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Hurricane Irene was on her way. Vendors cancelling right and left. Guests calling because the storm was too crazy. Even the lovely outdoor ceremony venue (Fairmont Park) was closed because of flooding.

 The rain was coming down softly and steadily on the morning of their wedding day. With umbrella in hand, I walked up to the door of Lohanny's sister-in-law's house for bride & bridesmaid prep. Quickly, the house filled with sisters (4 of them!), sisters-in-law (2 of them!) and adorable little nieces. There were hugs and smiles and helping with hair and last-minute makeup runs and cell-phone picture-taking. There were bits of Spanish and English spoken in every corner of the house. There were gorgeous rose bouquets finished at the last moment. And there was.... so much LOVE.

Lohanny was an absolutely gorgeous bride. John was debonair, handsome and happy, all at the same time. And they loved each other. After nine years of togetherness, they were making it official. And it was obvious, that John & Lohanny are quite taken with each other. Heart-felt vows. Sweet photo moments. And a touching first dance. And then, the celebration begun. Dancing, music, smiles and laughter. Greeting guests. Photographing our first ever "dance battle" at a reception. Dancing the night away... as the torrential rains began outside. All in all, it was a hands-down GORGEOUS and LOVE-filled wedding day.

Where the groom was getting ready... 


 And now, time for some gorgeous portraiture!

The beautiful location:

First Dance:

Congratulations, John & Lohanny! May your love burn as brightly for many years to come! :)

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