Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kevin & Caitlin {Ryde, PA Wedding Photography}

Crazy weather situations seemed to abound in Pennsylvania this wedding season. There was incessant rainstorms for a week before Kevin & Caitlin's wedding. They were forced to move the tented reception location because of very-large puddles (flooding). But this story is not about rain or flooding or crazy weather. This about Kevin & Caitlin getting married..

If you remember, Kevin is a Marine who was deployed to Afghanistan with my good friend, Matthew. It was great fun shooting a wedding with a friend in the wedding party--- I finally could remember someone's name!! ;) You know, I really liked Kevin & Caitlin as a couple. Because Kevin & Caitlin really love each other. Who cares about everyone else? On the wedding day, it was about Kevin & Caitlin's love. And their JOY! They're fun, happy, smiling people. We discovered in the engagement session (see it here!) that they don't do serious faces--- the smiles are involuntary! They look at each other and can't help but smile. And laugh. And glow in each other's presence.

 Kevin is Caitlin's balance. His solid presence to her crazy excitement. His quiet happiness to her exuberance. His Marine masculinity to her fresh-faced princess beauty. And on their wedding day, he smiled. When she walked down the aisle towards him, when she put her hands in his and pledged her life to him, he smiled. When the rose petals fluttered through the air, and the celebrations began, she smiled. When they danced together for the first as man & wife, they smiled.

Congratulations, Kevin & Caitlin! May your life together be as beautiful as your wedding! :)


Caitlin, the bride, is making herself ready. :)

Almost time for the wedding ceremony!...

(the funny moment when one sweet flower girl tripped and did a face-plant on her walk down the aisle. Cutest thing!!)

They're so happy; it's just ridiculous! ;)


This photo seems so timeless. I adore it.


After the ceremony, we rushed over to a nearby field for portrait-taking while it was not raining!! Yay for brides that are willing to change things up so we have beautiful outdoor portraits!

Rare seriousness ;)

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