Monday, November 21, 2011

Smiley Face Stickers {Business Stuff & Being a Wedding Photographer}

I'm funny.
It's true!
It has to be true because my husband tells me so...

Actually, Brandon and I had only been dating for about 3 weeks...
I asked him, "what is one thing you've learned about me that you didn't know before?"

He said, "I didn't realize how funny you are!"

HAHA. Definitely one of my favorite compliments ever. My serious and constant personal intensity had so convinced the man that he wanted to date/marry me, that my often-insane-lame-goofy-and-full-of-puns humor surprised him. And he still married me. And he likes to tell me how funny I am. :) And I married him for his sense of humor... That's what local tax collector said to me today. She got quite a kick outta some joke he made about people not paying taxes. I was like, "yes, baby! Charm the tax collectors!"

Thank you for suffering through my newlywed ramblings.

The point is,
I find joy and laughter in the small things.
Like small red scratch-and-sniff smiley face stickers.
When I found these RED, HAPPY smileys at Office Depot and had a brilliant idea!

A huge wall calendar!
With Smiley Faces on every single wedding I book for 2012!

This is why you should make me your wedding photographer!!
Because there will be more happy faces on my wall.
Happy Faces = Happy Me
And happy you! :D


PS - the stickers smell like strawberries. Justsayin'. 

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