Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brandon & Naomi's Engagement Photos {Personal}

So this may be a *little* belated.. now that Brandon & I have been married for about 3 1/2 months! :) But such is life as a wedding photographer. I had to 'catch up' on everyone else's wedding photos, before taking time to post our own. So, my friends, you may expect some personal blog entries in the future.. as I share a little bit more about the engagement/wedding/honeymoon bliss. :)

It's romantic.
And many of the "important milestone moments" of our relationship have been near water.

Our engagement on a boat in the Potomac river.
Our wedding ceremony by a Pennsylvania lake.
Our honeymoon by the Mexican ocean shore..

And to continue the theme, we decided to have our engagement photo session (by the AMAZING Kristen Leigh) by the riverside in Frederick, Maryland. Lovely little historic district. And we spent some time walking the streets and sitting by the water in that day before our engagement session.

We like to whisper funny/sweet/adorable things...
We like to stare into each others' eyes..
We like spontaneous dances... and sweet engaged-kisses.

We like walking together...hand-in-hand..

We like model posing..

We like being happy together...

We like each other... ALOT.

I like... the GORGEOUS amethyst-and-diamond engagement ring that Brandon gave me.. and now I get to wear forever and ever!!!! (yeah, I'm excited!) :D

 There's just something about this image that I absolutely adore.
It's US, of course.
More than that... it represents us. and our love.
Romance, beauty and love.. in the most unexpected places.

Engagement was such a sweet season in Brandon & I's lives.
Though it was difficult (crazy schedules + long distances + wedding planning + a thousand other things going on), God sustained us. He used that season to continue to establish our love for one another and our rest in God's plan for our lives. I look back and smile SO MUCH at the amazing way that God ordained these things.. an enduring love for a lifetime.

 Special thanks to Kristen Leigh, for her amazing photog skillz, friendship and fun personality. :D
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