Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{Travel} Beans in the Belfry - Brunswick, MD

So I've been hearing stories and seeing quick pics on facebook of this funny, quaint, little cafe in Brunswick, MD.

Witty-ish kind of name. Because Beans in the Belfry is in an old church building.

Look at this room... Wow.

Stained glass windows...

Back to the story though.. My mom and I stopped for lunch here a few weeks ago. I wanted to come back and try more food. Here's to me being healthy & ordering a salad (and also starting to eat it before taking a picture. Don't worry--I made it pretty again!)

Photographer's self-portrait. Fabulous mirror.

Sneaky pics of customers seriously playing chess while eating.

If I had these two things, I could stay all afternoon.

A few more things that caught my eye...

Someday soon, I might just stop by again... for dessert. To go with that salad. :)

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