Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bellefonte Victorian Christmas 2011 {Local Life}

This has become our family tradition. (You can see 2010 hereEvery second weekend in the month of December, my little hometown of Bellefonte, PA sponsors an event known as "Victorian Christmas." There are horse-drawn carriage rides, community Christmas concerts, special home tours and tea parties.

"Someday," I say, "Someday, I will go and do and see EVERYTHING!"
But in the meantime, I enjoy some happy-Christmasy-time with my girls.
My mom, my sis and her 3 little girlies comprise the group..

We start here.
At a children's Christmas party.
My favorite part was watching their silly little faces when a local artist was drawing their caricatures. They hardly knew whether to look at him or the ceiling, whether to smile or smirk, whether to be shy or silly.

Then we go browsing.
It could be called shopping. Except I didn't buy anything.
Therefore, I call it "browsing."
A myriad of sights, sounds, smells and (yes!!) tastes!

And we end with a brisk stroll around town.
With cute winter hats.


Chilly air. Kettle corn.

Ringing bells by the Salvation Army.

Sparkley things.

Christmas decorations.

And trains. Because my husband loves them. ;)

What Christmas events are you taking part in this year?

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