Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decorating {Friday LOVE}

And so it has begun... my favorite season: Christmastime!
I am so-very-much looking forward to experiencing this Christmas season with my beloved. Our first Christmas together. Our first Christmas as husband-and-wife. Our first Christmas as a new-little-all-our-own family. Establishing new traditions. Doing Christmasy tasks that have always been relegated to our parents or our siblings or just ourselves.. alone.

Now it's US. 
Sizing up trees in the Lowe's garden center (we're not quite adventurous enough to go Christmas-tree-farm-hunting)... Referring to the trees as "him" or "he".. ex. "he looks a little forlorn." :) Tying the chosen one (tree) onto our little blue car. With many, many ropes. A slow drive down the highway to our cottage.. My husband dragging that tree in and me smiling in the doorway. Un-twirling mixed-up Christmas white lights. Discussions of our families' varied traditions. Making that tree as STEADY as a ROCK (apparently, Falling Christmas Tree Syndrome runs in Brandon's family ;). And then we decorate... in a living room filled with boxes... what used to be "my" ornaments.. that my mother has given me every year.. gifts from Brandon's grandmother..

And one very-very-special wedding gift from my matron-of-honor. (it opens.. with our special love-phrase engraved inside and a little space for our photo). Awww.

After the decorating was done.. and the Christmas music silenced..
We turned out the lights and basked in the glory of a beautiful Christmas tree.
Somehow, it seemed to be our love shining bright on that Sunday night.

 This is going to be the best. Christmas. ever.

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  1. I love this post, and I love you! Merry Christmas!