Monday, December 5, 2011

Naomi's Bridal Shower {Personal}

I have been literally aching to share images of my own bridal bliss for months and months.. and the time has finally come. *Biggest smile ever* The wedding photos are coming VERY SOON, my friends.
But before a wedding, there is a bridal shower.

Now I have planned and helped with enough bridal showers in my lifetime, that I was both curious and a little skeptical about my own. Questions were going 'round and 'round in my head. Like "what's it going to look like/be like?" and "how is my sis (and matron-of-honor) gonna do it without me?" Usually, my sis and I plan for things together so I thought it might be a little difficult for her without me...

But no problem!!
My sis and my other two bridesmaids, my sis-in-laws (or, we could say, sis-in-loves) are the craftiest, helpfulest, most tasteful and classy party planners ever. They started planning almost immediately. Brandon & I's engagement was only four months long (yeeeah!!) and so as soon as the bridesmaids & I headed out for our dress shopping expeditions, there they were... whispering in the background... Every so often, I'd make a comment and they'd shoo me away. While the date of the bridal shower was no surprise, those sister-bridesmaids wanted me to have no part in the planning. To just enjoy myself and have the most wonderful experience as a bride. 

They took my adoration for all things Matchy-Matchy, my obsession with pictures of my beloved fiancee & I and our wedding colors... and created an absolutely SPECTACTULAR bridal shower.

Let me walk you through this:

Candles. And beautiful, beautiful decorations.

Scrumptious Food

The most amazing iced coffee and summery drinks. (I drank so much iced coffee that I talked like one of "The Chipmunks". Caffeine high!). 

Tea-cup favors with a special coffee love-bird blend.

Omygosh, mini cheesecakes with different toppings.

Brandon and I's engagement story. *sigh* I love our story... and lots of pictures!!

My unique bridal-shower gift... all the guests signed a t-shirt. The front was embroidered with "Brandon's Bride." I definitely wore that shirt on the morning of my wedding day. :)

I can hardly say enough about my bridesmaids. They envisioned a magnificent bridal shower and worked so hard to make it happen beautifully. I was a little *sniff-sniff* teary-eyed after the day was over. Just in awe of the amount of time and effort and energy that my sisters (by blood and by love) put out just for me.

Thank you, Nikki, Kelsey, and Chelsea.
For giving me the most amazing bridal shower possible.

A reminder... that being a bride doesn't keep me from that camera. :)

And one last thing. :)

*All photos are my own, except when I'm in it. Then, photo credit to my mom. :)

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