Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who I Am {Business Stuff}

Who am I?
A wedding photographer..

I am.
the bride's main reassure-er
the holder (and not the loser)of-the-rings
crowd controller
make-the-babies-smile, maybe the "class clown"
bridesmaids' best friend & flower-holding-coach
groomsmen new always-laughing/joking-right-back best audience

I am.
The wedding-cake taster
The DJ's best friend
the lightning-fast girl hustling to see everybody
I am
the hi-hello-i'm-Naomi-the-photographer

I am. 
the one praying that no matter what the weather does, things will be beautiful nonetheless.
the shadow moving semi-silently during the ceremony
the one almost-tearing-up-during-the-special-dances
the girl falling in love with my beloved one, over and over...
every time I go to another wedding...

I am there for all the special moments.
I might have never met you before the most important day of your life..
but now I might be very-important to you 
because I hold the keys to your sweetest memories...

And when your wedding day is over, 

I will spend hours poring over photos of you laughing and crying and smiling...
as every moment passes, I will become your friend. 

Thank you, dear brides,
for letting me be your friend.

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